The fresh new sampled femur (PEFO 33843) provides an excellent diameter out-of 15

The fresh new sampled femur (PEFO 33843) provides an excellent diameter out-of 15

callenderi sample, whoever mid-diaphysis major axis diameter selections off fourteen.cuatro (PEFO 34561) to 22.step one mm (PEFO 33991). step one, that’s just below new suggest (sixteen.4 mm) and just as the median proportions (15.cuatro mm) of your own sample. Even though size is perhaps not the greatest proxy having ontogeny (Griffin mais aussi al., 2020 ), the current presence of drastically big femora (PEFO 33991 and 35318) in addition to insufficient an EFS from inside the PEFO 33843 each other imply that latter personal wasn’t fully grown, though it had most likely enacted the point of inflection within the progress contour. For this reason, we can hypothesize that all of one’s specimens within this study was none very early juveniles or adults off a great skeletal readiness angle.

5.9.2 Paramedian osteoderms

When you look at the comparing the fresh osteohistology of one’s sampled paramedian osteoderms away from Roentgen. callenderi and you will Krzyzanowskisaurus hunti, it is essential to keep in mind that certain seen variation may be on account of positional effects, in both terms of this new osteoderm’s real venue on carapace and you will where along the osteoderm the new histological point was removed. Below, we define the 2 osteoderms together with her, explicitly listing where they differ.

Including the femur, the brand new sampled paramedian osteoderm off R. callenderi (PEFO 33940a) possess a thinner layer regarding sparry calcite (Numbers 13f, i), whereas brand new osteoderm from K. hunti (UCMP 175058) features a coating out-of amber-colored adhesive, maybe shellac (Figures 13h, j). Splits and you can inner places away from each other points is actually permineralized by the calcite spar. Small zones off UCMP 175058 are permineralized of the an enthusiastic opaque purple-brownish nutrient (Data 13h, j), more than likely a metal mineral eg siderite otherwise hematite. Both specimens display screen a number of high splits that have displacement and you will greater level of faster hairline splits (Numbers 13e–j) but they are if you don’t well-preserved.

Evidence regarding reducing development, but no EFS, try broadly consistent with the size listing of femora about PEFO R

Each other osteoderms is predominantly compact cortical limbs having a fairly brief number of sparingly measurements of vascular room (Rates 13f–j); these places are smaller than those people present in new aetosauriform A good. geoffreyi ( : fig. 8), however, much larger compared to the heavily-manufactured quick places that define interior cancellous tissue when you look at the aetosaurs (Cerda mais aussi al., 2018 ; Cerda & Desojo, 2011 ; Parker ainsi que al., 2008 ; Scheyer et al., 2014 ). Given that noticed by the Scheyer ainsi que al. ( 2014 : pg. 255) getting a tiny paramedian osteoderm from Roentgen. callenderi, this type of endosteal places was rimmed from the additional lamellar tissues; new second tissue answering such room is far more extensive throughout the osteoderm away from K. hunti (Figures 13h, j). From the sample from K. hunti, the ventral line with the remodeled region variations a marked discontinuity involving the supplementary cells and you will primary structure of your own basal cortex (grey arrow in Contour 13j) that is much like the resorption line Cerda mais aussi al. ( 2018 ) explained getting aetosaurs, however, so it edge is actually less type of into the Roentgen. callenderi (Figure 13i). However, brand new basal cortex in specimens is close to completely avascular, save for a few extensively spread easy rivers and pri ) seen to own Revueltosaurus and condition in A. geoffreyi ( ), whereas aetosaurs appear to be somewhat even more vascular here (Cerda ainsi que al., 2018 ; Scheyer mais aussi al., 2014 ). That it no. 1 bone of your basal cortex constitutes parallel-fibered cells, but lacks new laminar texture demonstrated having A. geoffreyi (cf. , p. 16). This new basal cortex of R. callenderi osteoderm possesses apparently abundant Sharpey’s material at the a premier direction towards the much time axis of one’s cross-section (Profile 13i, just like the condition present in particular aetosaurs (cf. Cerda ainsi que al., 2018 : fig. 7g–h), whereas they appear are absent during the K. hunti (Contour 13j).

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