That it triggered a gender ratio out-of 102 men for every single 100 lady

That it triggered a gender ratio out-of 102 men for every single 100 lady

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The fresh Philippines registered a total of 92,097,978 family population otherwise non-institutional population on the 2010 Census regarding Inhabitants and you may Casing (CPH), a rise of 15.8 million regarding 76.3 billion household inhabitants counted regarding the 2000 CPH.

Of the house inhabitants this season, 33.4 % was in fact less than fifteen years of age or 31.7 mil. Children less than five years old made up percent of your own family populace in the whole nation. Children aged 5 to 9 decades taken into account eleven.2 percent of one’s house population, and those old ten in order to fourteen many years, another 11.0 per cent. By comparison, from inside the 2000, students lower than 15 years old accounted for percent of your own home people in the country. People less than five years out-of aged made several.7 per cent of your overall domestic people.

With regards to the shipping by age and you can intercourse, there have been a whole lot more guys than simply people in the age groups 0 to help you 54 years this present year, to the boys comprising 51.0 percent of them a long time. On the other hand, there had been alot more lady than simply guys on the older age bracket 55 years of age and over. Brand new guys during these a long time made forty-five.9 per cent.

This season, brand new median chronilogical age of the country’s populace try 23.4 decades, and therefore half of the household populace is actually more youthful than just 23.4 years. This really is more than the average period of 21.3 years submitted from inside the 2000. The country’s average ages for men this season is actually twenty-two.9 ages, if you find yourself that for females, 23.nine years.

By the area, NCR encountered the higher average ages of twenty-five.5 years, into median years because of its male population 1 year straight down than simply that having people (twenty-four.9 years and twoo ekЕџi you will 26.0 age, respectively). ARMM had the reasonable average age of 18.step 1 age. The newest median many years for its male population try 17.8 ages, six months below the fresh average years for the people people (18.3 years)

Of ninety five.1 million household society in the Philippines, 50.4 % had been boys and you may 44.6 percent was in fact ladies. The fresh sex proportion when you look at the 2000 try 101 guys for each and every one hundred female.

This year, students under 15 years old got an intercourse proportion of 107 people for every a hundred females, when you are for those old 15 so you can 64 decades, brand new ratio are 102 people each a hundred females. The gender ratio into the generation 65 yrs old and over is 73 guys for every a hundred females, portraying the higher mortality of males than lady within this age category.

Nationwide, Part VIII and you may Caraga one another posted the highest gender ratio away from 106 guys for each and every one hundred women. As well, NCR (96 males for each a hundred girls) and ARMM (99 males each one hundred ladies) were really the only places you to said a bigger quantity of females than simply males, otherwise a gender proportion below 100.

The general reliance proportion of your own Philippines is 61, hence demonstrates for each a hundred operating-age populace, there had been on the 61 dependents (54 young dependents and you may seven old dependents). This really is less than new dependence ratio in the 2000 submitted during the 69 dependents for each a hundred performing-many years society (63 young dependents and you will 6 old dependents).

9 places had a total dependency proportion more than new national profile. Per one hundred of one’s population on functioning ages, ARMM got 80 dependents, Part V got 75 dependents, Part VIII got 73 dependents, Part IVB had 71 dependents, Caraga got 67 dependents, Area IX had 66 dependents, Region X got 64 dependents, Area XII had 63 dependents, and you can Part VII had 62 dependents. Meanwhile, NCR had the reasonable full reliance proportion from forty-eight.

In 2010, the college-ages people (5 so you’re able to twenty-four years of age) in the united kingdom composed 41.8 per cent of 92.1 million home society. Into the 2000, the college-ages populace is actually forty percent of your 76.step 3 billion household society. Of the society who had been off school-age, the latest boys composed percent, given that females, 48.nine per cent.

Nationwide, ARMM encountered the large portion of university-age within forty two.1 percent of your family society. NCR met with the lowest part of school-decades inhabitants within 39.2 per cent.

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The newest voting-age population (18 years of age and over) taken into account sixty.step 3 per cent of home society. So it ratio is higher than the 56.6 % submitted into the 2000. Of your own voting-many years society, 44.7 percent was males and you may fifty.3 % was basically women.

9 countries got voting-many years populace spanning over sixty percent of their respective home populace. Half a dozen of them countries come into Luzon: NCR (65.2 percent), Part We (62.4 per cent), Region III ( percent), Region II (61.nine percent), Part IVA (61.8 percent), and Car (61.6 %). Two are from Visayas, particularly, Region VI (61.4 percent) and you can Part VII (sixty.six per cent), and one from inside the Mindanao, Davao Part (60.2 per cent). ARMM encountered the low proportion who had been of voting-decades in the forty two.9 per cent.

On Philippines, individuals who are considered senior are those aged 60 yrs . old and over. They made six.8 % of the ninety million household people in 2010, greater than the brand new 6.0 per cent recorded inside the 2000. Among older persons, females (55.8 per cent) outnumbered new guys (forty-two.2 percent).

Across the country, eight countries had proportion regarding seniors more than the newest federal figure: Area We (9.0 %), Part VI (8.eight %), Region VIII (8.2 %), Area VII (7.8 per cent), Part II (7.3 per cent), Region III (seven.0 %), and you can Caraga and Car (6.nine percent for each and every). ARMM, that have dos.nine per cent, met with the low ratio out of older persons.

Throughout the Philippines, the newest ageing index or even the proportion from people old 60 years and over per a hundred persons beneath the chronilogical age of fifteen years is actually calculated at 20.3 % this year. Thus there is certainly anyone aged 60 years and you will more than for each and every four students under 15 years dated. When you look at the 2000, this new ageing list are computed from the 16.step one.

One of several countries, Part I’d the highest age directory regarding twenty eight.5. Half a dozen other regions had an aging directory more than this new national index: Part VI (27.0), Part VII (23.7), Area II (22.9), Region VIII (twenty two.5), Region III (twenty-two.0), and you will Car (21.7). A low age directory are computed in the six.eight having ARMM.


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